Dressing that's anything but a sin

by Amanda Bedgood

Saints and Sinners brings out the fearless dressers

I love a good masquerade bash. And I got two on Saturday night. Back to back. Each deserving of their own blog. And so we begin with our first stop of the evening Saints and Sinner Masquerade Bash at AcA downtown.

This IND Styler is always on the lookout for the best dressed. But, my heavily lined eyes were extra peeled Saturday night as I joined the dashing gentlemen of Genterie Supply Co. (Ross and John) in choosing winners for the event's costume contest. Philip Gould in dictator attire was a shoe in. We love a costume with a sense of humor. We also loved Cecil Gremillion as a Mad Hatter and Ray-t. Russo in her white feather-decked getup. Ray handcrafted a white peacock ensemble that was breathtaking.

The IND's own Cherry Fisher May was ever the creative saint in a beautiful sari that paid homage to saints of the Hindu variety. Christina Barbier of Maven and husband Daniel made quite the duo in red and black. We were loving Christina's simple black lace mask and eyeing those lamb skin gloves.(Butter, I tell you. The gloves felt like butter.) Jenny Krueger was the picture of creative meets fashion with her on trend dress, feathered black wings and dramatic eye makeup that made us think of Black Swan gone pretty pretty. Paloma Reyes couldn't decide between halo or horn so went with both with designer Raoul Blanco on her arm who also designed her lovely red mask. (We're stilling deciding whether Raoul gets the halo or the horns.)

Those gents from Genterie were the picture of how a man does creative cocktail. Both looking devilishly good with horns. John went for a sparkling red pair and wicked facial hair accompaniment while Ross chose more rugged horns and winked to the theme of the night with a skull and crossbone tie.

I took inspiration of an evil queen with hair that barely fit in the car, dramatic purple floor-trailing scarf and a bit too much eyeshadow

in charcoal and wine with black gloves. (When in doubt for a costume event, always add a pair of black gloves.)

Olivia Regard nailed the creative cocktail approach with a flirty black lace dress, wild hair and perfectly painted peacock feathers that began on her face and trailed down to her chest. Proof that the right dress and a creative eye are all that's needed to pull off a statement look this spooky season.