Vamping it up

by Amanda Bedgood

Vampire's Ball brings out the beautiful undead

The undead had a strongly beating pulse Saturday night as they filled The Victorian for The Vampire's Ball. The fete from Deanna Head of Unitech Training Academy at Richard Young's Broussard venue benefitted the Children's Shelters with hundreds of grownups playing dress up.

There are few fantastical characters for which this IND Styler has more affection than the vampire (okay there are none). And while we didn't spot Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore, there were plenty of hot vamps filling the beautifully draped tent at The Victorian. With a "creative cocktail" dress code, we spotted the spectrum of sartorial choices from full out costumes like Dr. Michelle Carr's regal peacock ensemble to Mia Robinson in a lovely cocktail dress and fantastic top hat headpiece.

Deanna Head stayed true her personal style in a black lace dress topped with a tremendous tarantula broach that was as sparkling as it was spooky.

Mallory Acrey (yes, our IND Style honoree) was the picture of creative cocktail in a Mad Men-esque black dress with lace tights, little lace half gloves and a delightful birdcage veil-decked headpiece. She finished it with a bold red lip. And who doesn't love a redhead with ruby red lips? Proof that being in costume and maintaining your signature style is quite doable. We're already sharpening our fangs for next year.