Make me over

by Amanda Bedgood

Makeup artist to the stars brings lessons to Lafayette ladies

There's a dirty little secret I have. I put on my makeup in the car. (There are a lot of stop lights and stop signs near my house and in my defense I don't really have to use the mirror for most of my makeup application.) I come by this behavior honestly. My mother did the same thing through my entire childhood. So, instead of being the kind of women who never leave the house without makeup on, it's safe to say we're the kind of women who never leave the car without makeup on.

I love makeup. (If there were a Hoarders: Eyeshadows edition, I have no doubt my husband would call the producers.) And so when I hear about someone like Jentry Kelley coming to Lafayette my mascara wand gets all jumpy.

The makeup artist to the stars (as in Emmy makeup) will be at Vanessa V. for two days working her magic wand and signature methods of application and products aimed at making women look 20 years younger without the knife. So, what's Vanessa V. who's all about the clothes doing with a makeup artist? According to Vanessa Vicari, it's because Jentry does for cosmetics what she does for sartorial pairings.

"A friend told me about Jentry, 'she is the Vanessa V. of makeup' and after meeting her and working with her I got it ... she really shows you how to apply the makeup and quick tips that are easy to replicate at home that will give you an instant wide awake, younger look," Vicari says.

Kelley also carries her own line of makeup and skincare aimed at keeping you looking like you, but younger. While I was intrigued by her approach, it was her "cute and carpool" technique that sealed the deal for me.

"I literally do it in the carpool line and when I'm done I'm ready to go to work looking fine," Vicari says.

Sounds like my kind of plan.

Appointments for Kelley are booked. But, feel free to stop by Vanessa V. to watch her work her magic and call 337-504-4467 to get on the waiting list if someone cancels.