Lazy (busy) girl's guide: Hollywood Halloween

by Amanda Bedgood

The best in leading lady costumes on the fly

Halloween is here and chances are unless you want to be a naughty nurse, the costumes are pretty picked over. Inspired by a Lucky Magazine online roundup of the top 100 costumes, IND Style chose four we'd definitely be willing to rock this spooky day (including this IND Styler's go-to costume).

The easiest of these four for the fashion set is certainly Rachel Zoe. You'll need: a fur jacket or vest, all black ensemble (try wide leg pants with tall heels or skinnies with signature Zoe tranny heels), giant designer bag (consider drawing a giant RZ logo on an old tote to carry), giant sunnies, a hat (floppy or beret), red lips and a giant Starbucks cup. Bonus if you shout things like "I die for these caramel apples," "that's bananas, this candy is so major" or in an aggravated tone roll the eyes and just say "Roger." If you own anything Chanel, wear it as well.

If you're a workout buff, show off that bod in a Lara Croft get up. A simple black t-shirt and short shorts, braid in the hair and a holster are easy enough. Bonus: British accent and Gerard Butler look alike date.

The new costume found in your closet this season is no doubt the Katniss variety a la Hunger Games. Wear hair in a braid, leather jacket, fitted cargo pants and riding boots and carry a bow and arrow. If you can craft a little mockingjay pin, you'll be set. Say things like "this plum lamb bone pumpkin stew is the best I've had in this district." Offer to serve as tribute in a dunking booth. Bonus if you can get someone to send you a silver parachute.

Last but not least is my go-to costume (and icon of irrational obsessing) Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Simple black dress, black gloves, pearl necklace, top knot and tiara (I have borrowed my friend's daughter's play tiara more than once). Giant sunglasses are a great addition and if you can carry a random cat around it won't hurt. This lazy (busy) girl would love to hear what you rock this Halloween!