Eye of the Beholder

by Amanda Bedgood

Local artist finds beauty in the Omo Valley.

Local artist finds beauty in the Omo Valley. By Amanda Bedgood

November 2012

Cezanne Nails appreciates irony. And beauty. Perhaps it's why she found herself compelled to paint women of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia when she saw their photos in a magazine. The women who intrigued the local artist wore elaborate head dresses and flowers. They were striking. And while they captured the attention of Nails, what's most incredible is how unlikely it is that the women themselves realize just how captivating they are.

"The funny thing is that they can't ever see what they look like ... it's this big elaborate thing and they can't see what they look like," she says.

The women of the Omo Valley, you see, have no mirrors.

"They have water on a river that's murky," Nails says.
It is Nails' first endeavor in oils, and they will be on display come November during New Iberia's Artwalk as part of the city's inaugural Spanish Festival.

Cezanne will be joined by art instructor Charlotte Austin, along with Garnet LeMaire, Alexa John and Crystall Coroy. Their work will be displayed Nov. 17 from 3-7 p.m. at Clementine's.