Brand new brand

by Amanda Bedgood

New apparel line launched from Lafayette

There are few good ideas that come in the wake of a hangover. But, Joel Hebert knows there's an exception to this rule. The creator of Southern Apparel unashamedly explains that it was in the haze of a massive New Year's Day hangover that he had the idea for the line of very Acadiana-themed T-shirts (with more clothing planned for the future).

"I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing ideas down and had at least 50," Hebert says.

It's been less than a month since Hebert launched his website and response has been great, he says. People, it seems, have taken to his smart mouth approach to humor.

"I had to tone it down to be honest," he says with a laugh.

One catchphrase on his website - "Southern Comfort minus the hangover." His sense of humor is clear in shirts like the "Bounty Hunter" t-shirt with a fleur de lis, skull and dollar sign or his "Rig Rat" shirts with oilfield theme.

Our fav? The "Truck Girl" T that reads "leave your beamer at home."