The French Connection

by Amanda Bedgood

Inspiration from Hemline's French Connection Pop Up Shop

Today through Sunday the ladies at Hemline will have a French Connection Pop Up Shop with some of the latest and greatest from a brand that knows how to do it right. It got us to thinking over at IND Style about the French and that certain something the ladies of Paris possess. A kind of undone style that is both chic and effortless. Hard to define and easy to identify.

Over at The Huffington Post they have a really great breakdown of "How to Dress Like a Parisian" that we took to heart. The best piece of advice from this list? "Spotlight Dressing." It's the way I like to do it. (It's why you'll often see this IND Styler in black head to toe plus _______ fill in the blank with a fun blazer, easy vest, statement necklace, scarf, bright shoe.)

Some of the best trends now (think colored denim) are best when done this way. Pair wild hot pink cords with your buttoned down button down in a neutral color and sharp blazer. There's also no better way to wear lace. Think a lacy tank under an otherwise serious suit or lace pencil skirt with demure blouse. We're loving the lace trimmed pieces from French Connection. Lace is also an easy day to night item for holiday gatherings when done properly. When done in the right dose it's tres chic.

And then there is the beret. Don't knock it til you try it with a red lip and all black ensemble. It's an easy way to take an otherwise business look fashion forward. (With little effort.) From fun to functional is what it's all about, after all.

Head out to Hemline to see some of the best new pieces from French Connection.