Incumbent style

by Amanda Bedgood

Four more years of Michelle Obama's signature style

In honor of election results, we're tipping our hats to the First Lady's style choices in the last four years and looking forward to four more years of unexpected style and random J. Crew pieces.

It all started with those J. Crew shoes and gloves of green as she walked the streets of D.C. on inauguration day proof that mixing high pieces with affordable ones is something the women of America can't get enough of. Then when it came time to don the gown of her lifetime she went with a little known designer Jason Wu and a gown that was utterly feminine catapulting the little known designer into the stratosphere. (Proof that a dress worn well is worth more than any advertising campaign.)

Obama showed us how to mix the utterly ladylike with edgy details when she delivered her convention speech in a feminine pink Tracy Reese dress paired with blue grey nails. Our sources over at Bath Haus say they had calls for weeks about whether they carried the exact hue. (FYI, they don't because it's from a very small boutique brand. But, if you're looking for something that looks exactly the same they have you covered.)

Obama won the style wars again and again with bold colors, layers belted for a flattering shape and choices we never saw coming. This IND Styler's fav is certainly her bold red dress for the China State Dinner. The Alexander McQueen confection she wore following the tragic death of the English designer gave pause to many who felt an American designer would be a more appropriate choice. But, until we're in WWIII versus the Brits, there is little that is subversive about McQueen outside of the house's sartorial choices. (This IND Styler hasn't met a McQueen dress that didn't thrill this drama-loving soul.)

And so, we wait now with bated breath for her choices for this round of inaugural events. Stay tuned for our predictions. But, trust that the First Lady will pull something out of her J. Crew bag we never saw coming.