Momma's girls

by Amanda Bedgood

The Obama girls bring winning style on dad's winning night

As Barack Obama took to the stage to welcome another four years in the White House, most of you were thinking about healthcare and the economy and weeping tears of joy or wailing in defeat ... frankly, you were thinking about anything but style. But, over here at IND Style, there's just no 'off button' on that internal "what will she wear?" monologue in my brain. And now, we've got three 'she's' to wonder about as the Obama girls come of age in style.

Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, are showing evidence of serious style mavens in training. And they didn't disappoint on Tuesday night. We've been talking about cobalt for awhile now and loved the pleated skirt and simple top Malia wore. Note that pretty shock of pink on the waist. Hemline has a fantastic blazer with just such a combo of color vibrant blue with even more vibrant pink lining in the roll up sleeves. Sasha took a cue from Momma Obama with proper proportions in a girly skirt, bow-decked blouse and demure cardigan. Note that statement necklace. (Mrs. Obama herself stayed true to her style with a Michael Kors dress in raspberry with a simple cardigan topper.)

But, these aren't the first inklings of style wise choices from the young girls. Both were age appropriate and yet quite sophisticated at the convention with Malia in another cobalt dress with modern lines (could this be the beginnings of a signature color?) and Sasha in black and white print. Sasha kept it fresh with a pop of color with the yellow belt. Proof that one simple accessory can make the look.