'Cigar-box Fiddles and Washtub Basses: A Homemade Instrument Workshop'

by Patrick Flanagan

Get schooled in ole time instrument building Tuesday evening at Vermilionville for the next installment of the Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism's Backyard Series.

Along with learning about the roleĀ  homemade instruments in the early days of Louisiana's music scene, participants also will get to build their own instrument. According to CCET's press release:

Dr. Michael Martin and Dan Adams will discuss the origins and process of building various instruments, and then lead the audience in a hands-on demonstration. We'll have some supplies available, but feel free to bring your own supplies to create a cigar-box fiddle! Some found objects you might use to construct an instrument include: cigar boxes, wire or window screen, wooden dowels and mason jars.

Tuesday's free workshop will be held at the Vermilionville Performance Center from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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