Sparkle and fur rule Palates

by Amanda Bedgood

Palates and Pâté is a sea of shimmering neutrals and creative black

Thursday night The Victorian was filled with delicious eats and incredible art for Acadiana Outreach's annual fete. But, at IND Style our eyes were on the style mavens. Metallic was the order of the night and we predict the order of the season for evening wear along with the timeless creative LBDs and fur, fur, fur.

Wendy Lane was fantastic in a champagne sweater dress with subtle sequins. And Janice LeBlanc got her shine on with a super silver 
dress. Our own Robin Hebert wore a gold metallic jacket from Vanessa V., and Cezanne Nails was working a great gunmetal lace dress with a metallic finish. Paloma Reyes wore a Raoul Blanco dress with metallic beadwork and the designer on her arm.

In the creative LBD department Katie Culbert didn't disappoint in her black Marc Jacobs choice. With a bow on the shoulder, her dress was sweet and modern at once. (And we see how this could be the lucky dress she met husband Denny in at this very event three years ago.)

Ambur Perrodin was just about as fabulous as they come in a fur- collared coat from Hemline that was so cute it could have been a 
dress. (And she looked so cute we'd maybe hate her if she weren't so cute.) Kathy Cox and Julie Breaux were both rocking fur accents and Kristina Suire looked quite chic in an all black ensemble with a fur topper in an unexpected hue. (That she told IND Style was a super thrifty find at Charlotte Rouse of all places.)
While the fashionista is at our forefront, we'd be remiss to not mention dapper gents like Richard Young in a suit and Robb Landry in a mix of cool prints. And our favorite fellow of the night was Clay Judice Jr. in his scarf, coat and glasses just the perfect blend of sophisticated artist and well-dressed man.