Exotic, exquisite Erica

by Amanda Bedgood

Jewelry designer Erica Courtney brings dazzling gems to kiki

Last week, Erica Courtney brought some extraordinary pieces to her trunk show at kiki. The woman who hales from Acadiana speaks of how her design evolves. How someone can own many pieces from her collections and, yet, have a completely different look with each piece. We have to agree.

The sparkling gems laid before me at kiki. Some have a nearly vintage vibe in design while others are far more modern. All have Erica's signature sparkle that's too regal for a word like bling. But, this IND Styler's favs were those of the exotic variety.

The elephant with exquisite details glittering eye and a line of gems on the feet and the jade earrings with contrasting pink and orange stones were surely a reflection of the many travels of Erica. A passion she inherited from her mother.

"She loved to travel," Erica says of the woman from whom she takes great style inspiration. "She inspired my love of travel."

Well, we'd go anywhere with Erica if it means wearing the kinds of gems we saw last week.