An ode to smoked olive oil

by Elizabeth Rose

A drizzle of this oil is all you need. For anything. In a stroke of luck, a bottle of smoked olive oil was gifted to me this summer.

I didn't know what to expect. It was an unsuspecting bottle, skinny and dark. That week, I made sweet potato and tahini burgers - nothing exciting, and definitely not bursting with flavor. I stuffed the burger in a pita and, on a whim, drizzled a tiny line of the smoked olive oil on top.

The smoked olive oil added an entirely new, complex layer of flavor to the seemingly simple burger. The patent-protected process is top secret, but the abridged version is a Napa Valley couple created a process to infuse the extra virgin olive oil with a wood-smoked flavor without exposing it to light or heat.

You can't go wrong with the smoked olive oil paired with anything. I love to drizzle it on toast, vegetables, steaks and especially salads. With a sprinkle of salt and pepper, it transforms and elevates any dish to include a smoky flavor that packs a punch.

Though it is a tad pricey ($25-30 a bottle), it lasts a long time because each use requires a small amount. Find it online here - you won't regret it.