Gift wrapping for foodies

by Elizabeth Rose

Photographer Denny Culbert has transforms favorite food photos into a wrapping paper, just in time for the holidays. Photographer Denny Culbert has embraced the food diversity in Lafayette and compiled his favorite photos into a wrapping paper, available through kiki stores in Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

"I probably looked through maybe 1,500 photos and edited it down to my favorites - and I tried to stick with a lot of local pictures," says Culbert. "There are a lot of things from my garden here, from Hub City Farmers Market, different restaurants in town, and the rest are from my travels - the BBQ Bus in North and South Carolina, and quite a few from working on the Boudin book with Bob Carriker."

Each photo on the paper is just under 3 inches by 3 inches, and an entire sheet of wrapping paper measures 22 inches by 28 inches. Culbert also recommends using leftover paper to decorate, and says he'll use his for his office. Each photo was taken with his iPhone and most have an Instagram filter for flair.

So why wrapping paper?

"A lot of it is because (my wife) Katie has a store," says Culbert. "I had already built the collage on my blog, and Katie had said she thought it would make a great wrapping paper. So a couple weeks ago I sat down, put it together and we found a local printer and made it happen. I already had all the content for it - I had been creating the content on my phone for a couple of years now. It's just something fun we decided to do."

Find Culbert's blog here, Order the wrapping paper through his blog or on kiki's website. Buy 10 sheets of the paper for $26 online or for $2.50 a sheet at kiki in Lafayette. Find kiki in River Ranch on 1910 Kaliste Saloom Road.