A pending plea in Curious Goods case?

by Wynce Nolley

Based on an email from one of the nine alleged Curious Goods co-conspirators, which was shared with IND Monthly this morning, the tally of plea bargains brokered with the feds may soon rise from four to five.

Another guilty plea may be forthcoming in the federal government's case against the nine men charged in multi-state money-laundering and drug-trafficking conspiracy involving Lafayette smoke shop Curious Goods and a line of synthetic marijuana products called "Mr. Miyagi."

That information comes from an email shared with IND Monthly this morning by Lance Dyer of Georgia.

Dyer's email is from alleged co-conspirator Dan Francis of Georgia, whose connection to the conspiracy centers on his role as founder of the Retail Compliance Association, which acted as a mouthpiece/lobby for the "Research Chemical" industry (i.e. synthetic drugs).

The email from Francis is dated Nov. 15, two days after fellow co-conspirators Joshua Espinoza and Boyd Barrow, also from Georgia, pleaded guilty in exchange for reduced charges. Francis writes:
I knew they were going to plea, they have true remorse and seek forgiveness for thie [sic] part in all this. I want to negotiate out as well but my attorney is less sure than me that I need to do that. They chose the right thing I believe.
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