Black and white and partying all over

by Amanda Bedgood

Christmas Party that's anything but a drag

When we got our invite for Richard Young's Christmas Party, our eyes went first to the drag race theme. Drag race? However is an IND Styler supposed to find a drag racy cocktail dress? But, more than that there was something that made me skeptical ... there was more to meets the eye with that theme ...

As we perused a crowd of black and white (with a few gents bringing some fun color - shout out to fearless Stephen Barker in hot pink and dapper Jeremy Broussard in red pants) our eyes landed on a Marilyn Monroe of the drag variety. Suspicions confirmed. Some shenanigans were afoot. After a lively set from the Molly Ringwalds, Marilyn took to the stage as "Athena" in a copper short shorts jumpsuit to the delight (and shock) of the crowd.

And while Athena was certainly a show stopper, IND Style couldn't be distracted by our mission at hand seeking out the most fabulously dressed of the evening. Katie Meaux (owner of Katie Bakes) was as sweet as they come in her flirty fringe-decked dress from 7 Chics on the arm of handsome husband Jacob. Victoria ToupsĀ  (with that fearless Barker) looked lovely in an embellished shoulder dress cut down to there. She kept the makeup, hair and accessories simple just the perfect styling for a statement dress.

Christina Barbier and husband Daniel (the mavens of Maven) were both dashing. Christina in Herringstone's head to toe was both sexy and edgy. We loved Daniel's hat and love loved Christina's headpiece. Paloma Reyes and Raoul Blanco were on hand with Raoul's muse in a black and white creation with beaded details.

There was a lot of lace to be seen at The Victorian. This IND Styler wore a lace trimmed top under a white and black tux jacket while IND Media publisher Cherry Fisher May was in lace head to toe as was the ever fashionable Emily Babineaux. Lace is perhaps the easiest go to holiday look that truly works for everyone. For day, a lace dress can go with boots and blazer. For night, drop the jacket (or swap out for something of silk or velvet) and add super sexy heels and shimmering necklace.

The highlight of the night for this IND Styler was certainly seeing Nandi Linscombe back in fighting form. She was eight feet tall and bullet proof in a dramatically cut white top topped with a sequin-covered black and white little jacket. It was the first time in heels for the stylista after months nursing an injury. She looked fearless as ever to us. Just the way we like our fashionistas.