Silver Bell Soiree style

by Amanda Bedgood

Jewel tones rule holiday

Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic supporters were a colorful bunch as they gathered for Silver Bell Soiree at the Hilton. We spotted a few ladies in red, a fantastic green one shoulder on Danielle Couvillion and Olivia Regard was beautiful in a vibrant purple with a plaid-decked husband on her arm. Jady Regard lead the pack of gents in that bold jacket from Moseley and Hollard with a red bow tie. Fearless and festive just how we like it at IND Style.

Sharon Moss was also fearless in a leopard dress she snagged at Park Lane. And newlywed Katie (Ferguson) Guidry was beautiful as ever in a teal dress. We loved Michelle Merrill's deep blue dress that bordered between navy and sapphire. With a modern shape and vintage details, it was just the festive approach for holiday dressing. 'Tis the season to look like a gem.