Saint Street Inn Dish of the Day Double Doozie

by Elizabeth Rose

Waiting for the next Saturday brunch may prove difficult. Saint Street Inn held a kickoff party this past Saturday to mark the first weekly brunch, complete with bloody Mary bar and live music - oh, and did we mention perfectly poached eggs atop biscuits and croissants?

The first dish of the day is the pork belly Benedict - and, in all honesty, it's not as heavy as it sounds. The pepper jelly hollandaise sauce isn't overwhelming - but definitely delicious - and the biscuits are reminiscent of cornbread. The braised pork belly, however, is the star of the dish and Saint Street Inn does pork belly so well. This foodie still has dreams of a PB&J once consumed at SSI - pork belly and pepper jelly sent from the gods. Of course, along with your breakfast you can choose either grits or French fries, but why pass on SSI's incredible fries?

The second is the Salmon & Eggs, a dish decadent in its simplicity. The buttery croissant holds a healthy portion of smoked salmon - that in itself makes it easy to gorge on the fairly large sandwich - along with avocados, thinly sliced red peppers for a little kick and two perfectly poached eggs that run all over the plate. It's easier to eat it with a knife and fork rather than your two hands. Oh, and the dill cream cheese is a creamy addition that screams, "New Yawk!"

That being said, it's a whole five days until they break out the brunch menus again. This Saturday, the live music comes from Sassafras Jubilee (with IND Monthly's own Walter Pierce), so grab a mimosa with fresh squeezed Louisiana citrus and lounge on the porch.

Find Saint Street Inn at 407 Brooke St. Saturday brunch is served from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.