Talk of the town

by Amanda Bedgood

Gossip Girl goes out with a well-dressed bang

As a person unashamedly obsessed with all things style, I find that wardrobe plays more of a part than it should in my viewing choices. Perhaps that was the case with Gossip Girl. If you know me, you know I'm not 15. And so, I probably should be less enthusiastic (or at least less vocal) about how very much I love the show. But, OMG, it's just too juicy and the cast too well dressed for me to not get a little excited every (single) Monday night.

The beloved series ended last night. And so, I felt only fitting we do a recap of their best looks from last night's episode. The queen bee herself (Blair Waldorf) gave us a lovely surprise in an icy blue Elli Saab dress for her impromptu wedding to the ever dashing Chuck Bass. His tux with blue details? A bit absurd even for The Chuck. But, Blair's dress was absolute perfection. This IND Styler's fav part? Certainly that beautiful headband. The Mean Girl ring leader was rarely seen without one over the six-year run of the series. And while it began as something quite high school, her headband for the nuptials was totally sophisticated. Proof that even a signature piece can evolve.

Little J made a brief appearance (in style, of course). A blond Jenny arrived in a fabulous gold dress with long sleeves and a short hem. While we don't envision it for a wedding (which is what she wore it to in the finale), it would be the perfect pick for New Year's Eve. Pair with mile high nude heels, some sparkling earrings and bronzy skin and it's perfection.

A Gossip Girl roundup has to finish with the golden girl herself - Serena van der Woodsen. She was truly truly golden Monday night when she wrapped the series in a Georges Chakra ball gown as she wed Dan Humphrey. This dress is perhaps the best way to turn the white wedding gown upside down without truly adding any color.

A standout on both the series and in real life, Blake Lively has become one of this IND Stylers absolute favorites to watch on the red carpet. Her eclectic style is unparalleled. My favorite thing about Blake's style? She has no stylist. It is truly her own. Signature style that's absolutely one of a kind is just what being an IND Styler is all about.