Fit for the season

by Amanda Bedgood

The best dressing for your shape

Here's a truth anyone with an imperfect body knows (if you have a perfect body, just go along with us here and keep quiet): no matter how fabulous the dress, if it's not flattering it might as well be a burlap sack.

And so, with that in mind, we've found three figure-flattering dresses with enough pizazz for any holiday fete.

We'll start over a Hemline where a green sequin dress screams "holiday holiday holiday." With an hourglass shape, this is the perfect piece for a petite gal looking to whittle her middle and disguise the thighs. It's also a great choice if you're not so petite but have some killer legs you'd like to show off while sipping some egg nog. Pair with black patent heels as shown and stick with nothing more than a sparkling stud earring for a modern look.

Over at Brother's we found another short dress if it's the middle that need some disguising. This forgiving shape and sleeve keep things covered up while a short hemline keeps it from going matronly. Keep it young by going bare leg or we vote the other extreme with completely opaque tights.

At Vanessa V. we found one of the most universally flattering dresses no matter your body woes. This red one shoulder dress is great to show off killer arms and hugs all your curves while the draping detail creates a silhouette that's deceptively flattering. It's also a versatile piece to wear for several occasions. They styled it in this photo with booties and leather clutch. Paired with dressier heels and shimmering jewelry, the dress easily goes to a cocktail event. Proof that looking fabulous isn't a reflection of your scale.