Ugg makeover

by Amanda Bedgood

The tried and true boot gets a facelift

I'll never forget the first time I saw a girl in Uggs. I was perplexed. They were like those wrinkly dogs that are so ugly they're cute. And then pretty soon they really are cute. And pretty soon Uggs really were cute.

They've become a staple in nearly everyone's casual winter wardrobe with every brand under the sun knocking off the signature shape. But, just as Uggs become the standard in some ways, the brand has had a radical facelift in other ways.

Every year there seems to be a new color or style. This year we saw sequins galore and a new brown that's perfection. The sweater Uggs are still rocking and the shearling trim has changed on different boots. But, this update has taken Ugg to a place with fashion forward boots and loafers.

Our favs spotted at local stores are the new black suede boot with an equestrian nod (you know how I love love an equestrian vibe) and too cool weathered toe. Both Shoe La La and Shoe Fits carry the black boot.

The leopard loafer from Shoe La La is the greatest departure and at the top of our list. Perfect with black ankle pants and a crisp white button down. We'd also love them with boyfriend jeans. And both are so very cute, they're even cute at first sight.