PooYie! January 2013

Hot: Lafayette's economy. Hotter: principal (allegedly) for teacher at Eunice High School. Hottest (water): Councilman Brandon Shelvin for trying to move money from his own district to help a wealthy developer.

Lafayette's economy was one piston shy of a Ferrari in 2012, leading the state with the lowest unemployment rate in 10 of the 11 months on record. (December figures were not released in time for this issue.) In November the unemployment rate fell to 3 percent, down from October's 4.1 percent. For the metro, which includes Acadia Parish, the rate was 3.1 percent.

A lewd, tangled web of - understatement alert - inappropriate behavior at Eunice High School is unravelling as a former English teacher who resigned in early December is accused by police of sexting a male student at the school. (For those of you intimidated by the inter-Webs, sexting is a mash-up of sex and texting, i.e., sending sexually explicit messages and/or photos between mobile phones.) That's gross. But here's the K-Y on the willy: the teacher and the school's principal were also allegedly getting their freak on, and the principal was aware of the teacher-to-student sexting for weeks and did nothing about it.

From the WTH file: As his live-in girlfriend was tooling around in a $100,000 luxury car belonging to real-estate developer Glenn Stewart, City-Parish Councilman Shelvin was championing an ordinance to yank $200,000 from a Walker Road drainage project - in one of the most economically depressed districts in Lafayette - and spend it on an engineering study for a swanky Stewart development in one of the most affluent districts. The ordinance, thankfully, was pulled as a chorus of "what the hell?" began to build. See our news story, "A Curious Compact," on page 4 for details on this questionable transfer of public money.