Style File: Staying Power

by Amanda Bedgood

Pieces you'll wear after the trends fade

I may be a trend junkie. But, more than anything else I truly love timeless looks. Pieces that can be worn 239,834 ways for as long as the fabric holds up. These are the pieces, the looks, that can become your signature. Part of your arsenal of go-to items that last beyond the latest fad. And so when timeless and trend meet, I get a little giddy.

I've handpicked three such cases. All are doable no matter your age, size or income. Because let's face it, we can't all wear skinny white jeans and carry $2,000 handbags (if you can, just keep quiet over there).

Let's start in denim land. The thrashed, faded jean. We picked a trendy pair from Hemline. But, the point here is that they be a shape that works for you. While I'm dying dying over these, you can still rock the worn jean in a totally different cut. It's one of the ways to most quickly look a little tough. Pair it with everything from simpatico edgy pieces like leather vests or funky print hi-lo shirts. Or go for a contrast. One of my favorite ways to wear tough girl pieces is with something more demure. And when in doubt, rock a simple white button down with your worn denim. Keep the top crisp, the jewelry simple and you have a marriage of opposites that will last longer than a J. Lo marriage.

The denim or chambray top has made a huge (as in massive) comeback of late. And we predict it will stick around some time thanks to its versatility. One of my favorite ways it's worn? With flat riding boots, a long black maxi and tied in a knot at the waist. It can go under an otherwise serious black suit. Add some chunky silver jewelry and you have a look that's put together but laid back. It's also fun with colored denim and perfect with sleeves rolled up over a pair of skinny cords. The one we found with a breast pocket is from Knotting Hill.

The third trend (the one of which I feel most strongly) is black and brown. If you're not already doing it, I highly suggest it. For the matchy matchers out there (you know who you are), it's time to embrace the black and brown. I finally gave into the idea about five years ago when gifted with my favorite pair of boots in the world (a good old Frye boot) that were brown. I so loved these boots that I dared to pair them with an all black outfit. And realized it was perfection. Over at Vanessa V. they are all about the black and brown combo. They have a maxi with crossbody bag that works great. The black and brown combo done casual.

To keep things modern, I'd keep black as the staple of the outfit and add a cognac belt or a peanut butter boot. Or, if you're feeling brave, pair your camel cords with a black sweater. Neutral, on trend, IND Style and quite timeless.