Art and Fashion

by Amanda Bedgood

UL grad brings a stroke of beauty to style

Fashion is art around IND Style. But, when an artist of the brush (not the cloth) and a renown purveyor of fashion marry, what results is usually something pretty extraordinary. That is certainly the case when Eddie Granger (a UL architecture grad) joined forces with MCM.

The collaborative effort with the creator of gorgeous bags dubbed "The Project Cognac" slated for the modern and contemporary art event Art|Basel in Miami "showcases re-interpretations of our iconic Cognac Visetos collection ranging from the whimsical, to the abstract to the conceptual, fusing the worlds of art and fashion," according to the folks at MCM.

Eddie is part of an esteemed lineup of artists including the likes of Hunt Slonem. You can check out the full collection of pieces on the MCM blog. Eddie's bag is the kind of creation we would covert for spring. Full of color. Full of life. Beautiful in a real way.

With a background in architecture, Eddie also draws inspiration from fauvism. A marriage that leaves us with work like that on the MCM project. Something that is both art and fashion.

"Fashion is a form of art, so it is only natural that the two worlds would collide," per the MCM site. We couldn't agree more. Fashion, after all, if done right is art.