The Pantone pick

by Amanda Bedgood

The mother of color taps the year's must have hue

This isn't the first IND Style post you've seen about green. But, this time we're taking things to a much deeper place than the mint that's been appearing in our favorite boutiques. Today, we're talking emerald. Rich, deep. Super green.

We haven't seen the emerald saturation a la mint. But, it's been making a lovely appearance none the less with more in store, no doubt, after being hand selected by the folks at Pantone who say their choice for the 2013 color is " lively. Radiant. Lush A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

Now, we don't know about all that. But, emerald green is, indeed, a gem. In fact, it could well be verging on a neutral when done properly. The best example is the little green Anya Hindmarch bag we snagged from kiki. For the fearless dresser, it's just the sort of thing we'd wear with every single thing every single day. That's the thing about emerald. It's a great contrast with most every color.

We paired it recently for a fashion shoot (look for it in our IND Monthly February) with a pop of yellow and wine-hued booties. It was the perfect foundation for the bright pop of yellow in a skinny belt as well as the rich wine shoes of suede. One of the rare shades that works with things both bright and deep. Bonus: it's flattering on every shade of skin. Unlike some other green varieties that can be a fright on certain skin tones (like my chalky arms in lime green - I shudder), emerald works for everyone.