Social is open

by Elizabeth Rose

Now you can experience the gastropub's extensive menu.

Here are a few teasers, but you can read a full review in February's issue of IND Monthly.

Photos by Elizabeth Rose

Krab nachos: Definitely one of the lighter items on the menu, but as full of flavor as anything else. Shredded krab sits atop a crispy wonton chip (fried, but not greasy) along with spicy mayo, yuzu guacamole and tobiko - a full-fledged nod to Social Executive Chef Marc Krampe's experience in Japanese cuisine kitchens. His classical French training and experience in Ethiopian, Thai and New American become more apparent in other dishes on the menu.

Blackberry bourbon lemonade: Buffalo Trace bourbon, housemade lemonade, blackberry purée, sparkling wine and, surprisingly, cardamom. It's fruity and light, but it's kind of heavy on the bourbon. To be fair, though, when the server was asked, "What's not very strong?" because some people had to go back to work after lunch, the server replied, "Hmm ... that may be a tough one." Save the cocktails for after work.

Carrot cake: Honestly the best carrot cake I've ever had. Pastry chef Amy Salsman whips up a buttermilk glaze to go on top, and sprinkles cornflakes in the dough for a surprising crunch. This one is a sure thing.

Social Southern Table and Bar is only open for dinner (for now) and opens the doors at 5 p.m. Find Social at 3901 Johnston St.