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This week in awesome: Chitimacha La. Open, Dwight Andrus Ins.

by Leslie Turk

The Chitimacha Louisiana Open golf tournament and Dwight Andrus Insurance are matching, dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000, any donations made to Louisiana Lunch Money.

Each year thousands of students in Lafayette Parish elementary and middle schools do not receive a hot meal for lunch. While the school system has an excellent free lunch program for students in an unfortunate financial situation, there are children who do not meet the qualifications of the free lunch program.

These are the ones who were slipping through the cracks until Louisiana Lunch Money was founded by Cerissa Couvillion in August 2011. Children of the working poor or those who simply forget their lunch don't receive a hot meal without the local non-profit's help.

The mission of Louisiana Lunch Money is to provide a full lunch, rather than the "snack meal" of three graham crackers that is offered to children who either forget their lunch or who cannot afford a lunch due to an unexpected hardship within their family.

When Couvillion announced earlier this week that the fund was almost out of money, Chitimacha Louisiana Open and Dwight Andrus Insurance stepped up and partnered with the organization. The two entities will match, dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000, any donations made to Louisiana Lunch Money. The goal is to turn the combined donations of $10,000 into $20,000, which will operate the non-profit for one school year.

For more information about Louisiana Lunch Money, click here or visit it on Facebook.

If you would like submit a donatioin, please make checks payable to "LA Lunch Money."