Red Carpet Mardi Gras

by Amanda Bedgood

Real life beauty from Hollywood to Lafayette

There's a beautiful coincidence I noticed while watching the SAG Awards Sunday evening. The Hollywood red carpet and Mardi Gras coincide giving us in Acadiana the good fortune to see exactly what's truly hot in the arena of formalwear right this minute.

There was a lot to take in Sunday night. I could go on for days about the simple, chic shapes on Hollywood's beauties and the truth that despite my best fight it looks like navy may be better than black in some cases (see Amanda Seyfried in Zac Posen and my girl crush Jennifer Lawrence in Dior for proof). But, most notably of all was a trend toward easy hair.

The elaborate updos were nowhere to be found and even the most dramatic of ensembles met often with simple side swept hair with an easy wave. And we even saw a few board-straight o-so-modern heads of hair like Nicole Kidman.

It's also just the sort of thing we spotted at Apollo where a bevy of stylish ladies and lads gathered Saturday night. We hand picked one such beauty with a white dress and contrasting green jewelry (what a great combo, it's all about emerald) who nailed the easy hair.

Dennie Haydel of be. Salon says everyone is "keeping it simple and basic" around Acadiana pairing formal dresses with beach hair.

"Loose waves or a lot of people kept it down and pulled it all to one side," Dennie says noting the choice is all about the dress.

"I think it depends on the dress for sure if you're showing skin at the top, the hair will look good straight. But, the dress has to be pretty simple as well," she says.

We couldn't agree more. In this IND Styler's mind the effort to look effortless yet polished is an ongoing balancing act. Keeping the hair undone yet polished is just the ticket for cool girl on the red carpet. Get things too messy and it looks like you rolled out of bed with no effort at all (tsk, tsk). But, those easy beach waves plus a red lip? And you're winning. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence.