Sexy and I know it. I think.

by Amanda Bedgood

In the tradition of Valentine's Day, we ask locals what's sexy now. In the tradition of Valentine's Day, we ask locals what's sexy now. By Amanda Bedgood

Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, sexy, well it's a sure fire formula. That's what we've been told. Skin, skin and then a little more skin. Right? (It's disheartening just typing the words.) As Valentine's Day approaches, I decided to take a good hard look at just what gets folks in the mood - style wise.

Maybe it's my age, maybe it's motherhood, but all that skin is just getting kind of tired. (Hey, J. Lo, we get it. You have a rocking body.) So I called on a few local folks to see what they find sexy now. And I am happy to report they point to a combination of stellar fashion choices and, more notably, the sort of things you never take off no matter the season.

Fashion lover Sharon Moss was specific about her favorite pieces she'd like to see on a man: "I think a navy blue velvet coat with cropped white French cuffed shirt with jeans is pretty sexy."

The stylish first lady of Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Jenny Krueger was pinpoint specific as well. She wants to see her man in a purple cashmere sweater and dark grey slacks.

"Actually anything cashmere or purple is just plain sexy," Krueger says. "Put them together and bonus!"

But the No. 1 thing she likes to see on a man? A smile. Same goes for the ever-funny Daniel Graffeo - for women that is.

"The sexiest thing my wife can wear is a smile. It doesn't really matter to me if she's in a ball gown or jeans and a sweatshirt, if she has a smile on, that means she's happy. And to me that's sexy. Now if it's a smile and nothing else, then that's a plus."

Personality, it seems, ruled for most including Event Rental chief Richard Young who says it's all about attitude.

"I love a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Confidence. It's the sexiest thing a woman can wear," Young says.

Confidence also rules in the world of KATC-TV3's Marcelle Fontenot.

"A well-tailored suit with the perfect shirt and a tie that adds that little extra something, and the confidence to match. Sexy."

It is just the sort of sentiment we got from Sarah Berthelot of United Way, who says the sexiest thing a man can wear is whatever her husband is wearing. (A woman in love is definitely always in style. Lucky you, Mr. Berthelot.) And her advice for all the other fellas?

"A man who really knows the value of a tailored suit and attention to details [fit and fabric] will be noticed for his good taste. His personality will have to carry the rest," Berthelot says.

Looks like it really is about more than what we're seeing on the outside after all. When we asked Realtor Stefanie Tullia for her opinion on the sexiest thing a man could wear she said simply: "His heart on his sleeve."

And JayCee Falcon from 99.9 KTDY says he likes a woman in a simple outfit.

"Black boots, jeans, white button-down shirt. Yum."

So it looks like a pretty simple formula after all. Most folks like their mates fully dressed with a smile. And what do I think is sexy now? On women I love black. Simple. Chic. Audrey-Hepburn-never-goes-out-of-style black pieces. And I love downtown funky wares in fearless prints with a bit of flow and a lot of attitude. On men I love a sharply tailored suit and (if done just right) a bow tie. I never tire of men unafraid of bright colors (especially pink, which Mr. Bedgood rocks) and luxe fabrics (velvet jackets).

But, like our panel of esteemed contributors, it's always about more than the pieces of clothing. It's about attitude. Fashion without character is mere window dressing. Fashion plus attitude is how I define style.