Flirty Girl

by Amanda Bedgood

This Valentine's Day, sexy gets cute.

This Valentine's Day, sexy gets cute. By Amanda Bedgood

Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

It's February and thoughts go to love (or at least a little lust) as we approach Valentine's Day. And over at IND Style, thoughts go to what to wear on this day of romance. Or any old day you're feeling a little flirty (who needs a holiday to dress like a flirt).

So, what's sexy now? What's a gal to wear if she's in the mood for love? In recent years you'd have to be blind to not see how very much skin has been in. From Herve Leger bandage dresses that leave us able to count ribs and plunging necklines that leave us wondering if a brisk wind is going to leave us all embarrassed, it's time to cover up. That's right. We're over it.

For what's hot now we look to the cutesy, quirky girls for inspiration a la Zooey Deschanel. Her rise to cult status, you see, gives us hope that perhaps marching to the beat of your own drum while fully and cleverly clothed has more appeal than ever before.

Girly color
A vivid hue is fearless and fun. Keep things feminine with a rosy color like this bright pink French Connection dress from Hemline.

Sexy heels
Bring the sexy in with a pair of serious heels. We hand picked these leopard print pumps from Hemline. Think red patent, wild patterns or even basic black with a mile high heel to sass things up. A pair of super sexy heels speaks volumes without showing any skin.

Simple pony tail
Less is more when it comes to hair. Keep things soft and natural. Try a simple ponytail with side swept bangs for a flirty look.

Short hemline
I know we said skin is out, but we aren't nuns over here. Pick your battles. Try a short flirty skirt over tights, but keep the shape flared rather than snug.

Contrasting color
A lime green Michael Kors bag from Knotting Hill brings a fun pop of color, and the cross body shape keeps it casual. For a dressier look go for a clutch.

Bold tights
Have fun with hosiery when pulling a Zooey look. Think wild patterns and fearless hues. - AB