The Nontrad Tux

by Amanda Bedgood

All's fair in love and formalwear

As Mardi Gras season continues with a few fabulous balls left on the horizon, this IND Styler's eyes have turned to the less fair sex and what he'll be wearing. "A tux," you reply with a bored sigh. Not so fast

While the sharp dressed dudes about town will certainly be quite in style donning the tried and true black tuxes that this IND Styler loves dearly, we can't help but notice a well done rebellion from the traditional.

Our newest style crush (and fine, yes, too cute not to acknowledge it) Eddie Redmayne has been killing it on the red carpet. After an incredible turn in Les Mis, the 31-year-old Brit has found himself in the fashion spotlight and we're loving his fearless take on the tux. It's not an easy task.

Making the nontraditional tux work takes a flawless fit, nothing more than a hint of the fresh and a bit of attitude to make it work. At the Golden Globes Eddie did it right with a velvet jacket while keeping things in the traditional ebony. At the SAG Awards he rocked a fearless cocoa tux of velvet. And while we don't expect to see any gents in a chocolate tux around here, there are a few trends we're hoping to see.

"They are doing very deep midnight blue," says Peggy Camalo of F. Camalo.

The men's clothier known for fitting the sharpest of dressers in a traditional way, has had clients looking at the midnight hue for a wedding, but Peggy says the trend isn't something that's widespread in Lafayette.

It takes trends awhile to work from the red carpet to the real world, though and we're holding out hope that the dapper dudes will embrace the blue a la Daniel Craig. The beloved spy was center stage in his midnight blue tux at the Golden Globes - a great way to take a traditional and safe shape in men's formalwear and turn things up a notch. We'll have our eyes peeled for you risk takers as Mardi Gras continues because the only thing that can beat a man in a tux is one who's not afraid to take chances.