Grammys stay bare

by Amanda Bedgood

When CBS told artists to cover it up for music's big night, most did anything but.

Remember in high school when your parents were all like "don't wear that" and "don't listen to that music" and you said "sure" and then really kept your cardigan on all day at school and quit listening to TuPac? UsĀ either. And that's what happened at the Grammys Sunday night.

After CBS sent a very specific directive asking celebs to cover it up (using words like "puffy skin" and "side boob"), looks like many of them gave the network the perfectly manicured finger (and a healthy dose of cleavage) in response.

There were a few demure dames who hit the carpet like class act Carrie Underwood (definitely one of the very best dressed of the night), but overall, we saw a whole lotta everybody's everything.

J. Lo thought she was being a good girl in her black dress. But, let's get real - if you're showing as much thigh in your dress as most people do when they hit the beach, you're not exactly toning it down. Regardless of whether Ms. Lopez was in line with the new guidelines, we were loving her Paule Ka silky black dress. The styling was perfection. When going audacious in design it's a good idea to keep things sleek - her super tight bun and modern heels did just that.

Carrie Underwood proved a black dress that was anything but vulgar can be uber fabulous without revealing too much. The Roberto Cavalli dress had a vibe that was a little bit rock and roll upon inspection, but remained Hollywood glam in a way that only Carrie Underwood brings to life.

Our top pick for landing in the principal's office for rebelling on the sheer ban? Rihanna. Alicia Keys may be the girl on fire, but no one (no one) was hotter than Rihanna Sunday night. She hit the red carpet in a red dress with sheer panels, a perfectly red lip and flowing hair. Her Alaia gown was super hot without revealing too much (perhaps gal pal Katy Perry should take note). Her performances brought out two more amazing dresses. And her powerful voice made me remember why I have that Pandora station tuned to Rihanna every other day.