Modern Romance

by Amanda Bedgood

Our picks for Valentine's Day pieces that are as unique as you

Today Valentine's Day arrived with likely far less fanfare than in other parts of the world. Around here we're still reeling from Mardi Gras madness and feeling that ache of bead thrower's arm. But, it's time to break out the chocolates and double check those reservations cause Valentine's Day is here.

While I love the tried and true more traditional nods to the holiday (see post yesterday with super sweet heart necklaces), I wouldn't be a true IND Styler if my heart didn't rest with pieces that have a bit more attitude and a certain kind of poetic romance.

We'll start with the pearls and chains. A piece from Paul's Jewelry, this is just the way I like to wear my pearls. Demure enough for anything you'd wear with simple pearls. But, enough attitude to wear with your rock and roll outfits. And as I'm always on the hunt for something to wear with all black, this is just the ticket. Pair with a spiky bracelet or two and you'll have a look that's far less sweet than your mother's pearls.

Over at kiki, a Jeanine Payer necklace tugged at my poet's heart. The pendant reads "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there." - Rumi. Swoon. It's just the sort of piece either a man or woman could wear and I'd wear every day of the year.

I've spotted several arrows as of late (stay tuned for a round of up my favs coming soon), but felt this Mignon Faget was the best one for V-Day. The sterling silver pin struck me like Cupid's bow and reminded me a bit of one of my latest obsessions - Katniss Everdeen, of course. It would be great on a lapel of your favorite blazer. A little reminder of the beau who knows just how to woo you. (The kind of man who'd gladly serve as tribute for you we're sure.)