A Change of Hands

by Amanda Bedgood

Coco Eros under new ownership.

Coco Eros under new ownership. By Amanda Bedgood

Friday, March 1, 2013

Emily Broussard has plans. The new owner of Coco Eros (well known for higher end clothing both trendy and sophisticated) plans to keep what's working now - think Trina Turk - and bring in new lines to expand the customer base. Think lower price points and an Emily Broussard custom clothing line.

"We've already gotten a couple of new lines. We'll be getting in Trina Turk bathing suits, and that's new. I want to get some more affordable stuff in here I want everyone to be able to shop here and not feel like the dresses are too expensive," Broussard says.

The new owner, who has a degree in fashion design from UL, was celebrating her 31st birthday when we chatted. She, like Coco Eros, is a blend of trendy and conservative, and she has plans for much more of that when she brings in her own clothing line down the road.

With a growing client base solely from word of mouth, Broussard says once business is running smoothly at Coco Eros, she'll work on her own design.

"I'll create a line and have it manufactured and distributed to other vendors. The starting point will be here," she says.

Broussard is a former employee of Coco Eros and also served as the Kaliste Saloom store's alteration seamstress. Clients would come to her house for alterations, see her drawings and ask her to create the sort of pieces they couldn't seem to find anywhere.

She draws inspiration from those requests.

"Conservative but has some sex appeal I like very feminine clothes. And fit is the most important. I like to stay up with trends and what's new, but I don't venture too far with what people are comfortable wearing," Broussard says. "I don't want people to feel uncomfortable or like they're trying too hard. Something that's easy to wear and that you feel good about yourself in."

Sign us up.

For now Broussard is learning the ropes of owning a clothing retail business - and she aims to please.

"I like to find out exactly what it is [customers] are looking for and what they want in their closet. What's their favorite outfit? And see if we can get it.

And if not? We can make it."