Style done simply

by Amanda Bedgood

Travel-friendly clothing line finds an unexpected home at Renaissance Market

Renaissance Market isn't the first place I think of when it comes to fashion. Known for delectable pieces for the interior, some great jewelry and even more delectable fare come lunchtime, I gave a quizzical look when I saw them on the line up for the Mad Hatters style show earlier this week. But, when their models hit the runway decked in pieces of muted neutrals and black (you know how I feel about black) of the flowing variety, this IND Styler took notice.

Renaissance is carrying but one line - Sympli. (They have accessories of other varieties, scarves and the like but 99 percent of what's on their shelves is Simple.)

The line carried in a small amount by now-closed Molli in the Oil Center is a beloved sartorial choice for Renaissance's owner Mary Landry Hopkins.

"When the opportunity came up I grabbed it and expanded the retail space to accommodate it," Mary says.

While Sympli is oft purchased through trunk shows with orders taking two months or more to return, Mary says they went all out with the line to allow customers the chance to walk away with garment in hand.

"You can walk in, try it on and not wait for it to come in," Mary says.

So why after 21 years in business did the maven of fine French home wares and scrumptious Lebanese dining delve into clothing?

"All you have to do is try on one piece and you're hooked," she says.

The woman in black notes that the palate and colors never change, it can be washed and hung to dry and it travels with the best of em.

"It doesn't wrinkle. You look like a million dollars after walking off an airplane very wall made. I have a pair of pants from Molli's I've been wearing five years," she says.

Prices start at $80 and go up to $185. And while the pieces don't come cheap Mary points to that long shelf life.

"If you bought a black bottom five years ago and then buy a top now, it will match," she says.

Sign us up. A way to finally have all those blacks in the closet match would be splendid.