Ask Amanda

by Amanda Bedgood

Your style questions answered, your clothing queries put to rest.

Here's the truth about fashion. It's ever changing. And what we see in national magazines is often aimed straight for 20-year-olds of the emaciated variety (no offense skinny youngsters - we still love you) leaving most of us to wonder: "Can I really pull that off?"

Chances are you can. And we're going to show you how. Whether it's how to rock funky wedge sneakers (without looking like Justin Bieber) or what to wear to your son's wedding when there's not a single "mother of the " dress that suits your style leanings - we've got you covered.

Send your questions of fashion to me, Amanda Bedgood, at [email protected]. Each month we'll choose questions to answer with creative ways on making what's now work for you right now (even if, like me, you're over 30 with an appetite).