Double Duty

by Amanda Bedgood

Versatile finds offer two unique looks in one piece

Reversible wares are nothing new. But, they oft lacked much in the way of style. Much to my delight I found two clothing items in recent days at two local spots that serve double duty with as much style as anything around. (Bonus: the one for the gents could find its way into your closet, ladies.)

Let's start over at Jewelie's. There to browse some statement necklaces (great spot to find just about any piece at a super low price) I was drawn to a rack full of vests (I love a good vest, especially this time of year). To my delight, I discovered that the simple long vest (shown here in orange, but offered in a rainbow of colors and my favorite black shade as well), goes with little effort into a short drapey vest. You simple turn the vest upside down for a cropped version perfect for palazzo pants or a maxi skirt and tank. Vests are a great way to transition between the chilly mornings of spring before summer truly arrives. I love mine over a tank and leggings or topping a skinny-strapped maxi.

Over at Maven we spotted a cool pair of reversible shorts. The simple khaki shorts turn inside out for a red chambray that gives me thoughts of warm east coast days and crisp white shirts. While these shorts are for the fellas, we wouldn't be opposed to seeing them on some gals as well. Perfect with a pair of casual sneakers sans socks and a snug little t-shirt.