Fashion Week: Style with a conscience

by Amanda Bedgood

Top Designer employs socially responsible design methods for looks that are full of heart and style

There's no doubt vibes of the tribal have been permeating pieces (especially of the casual variety) for several seasons now. But, Kallen Forster proved that something utterly fresh can come from a place we've been to before with her showing at Fashion Week New Orleans.

The LSU grad not only finished her degree in apparel design, she went far beyond our borders with a focus on socially responsible design methods and developed partnerships with international women's coops that train, empower and employ village women. Style with a conscious - perhaps there's nothing better than that.

And so, when her collection hit the runway it was anyone's guess as to what we'd see after such an intro. While the styling was off the wall (in the best sort of way) with dramatic hair and wild makeup, the clothes were that perfect blend of edge with the native vibe one would expect when reaching the far corners of the world for inspiration.

The ankle pants fall right in line with this season's must have black and white, we wouldn't pass up that easy mustard maxi and the circle skirt is another on-trend look that somehow combines an otherwise demure shape with funky details. But, the masterpiece was the gown of black and white with a beaded tribal print on the waist and on-trend leather v-neck top over a diaphanous skirt, this IND Styler was stunned to see something that would surely turn heads at any function. And to know you're doing a bit of good at the same time? That's tops in design and life.