Cover Story

Looking for Home

Evacuees across Acadiana wait for answers.

Politics and Perseverance
By Scott Jordan

All Alone
Residents of the outlying parishes around New Orleans feel the government ignored them in Katrina's aftermath.
By Jeremy Alford

Heeding the Call
Paramedics from around the country arrive in Lafayette and Louisiana.
By Nathan Stubbs

So Many Questions, So Few Answers
Lafayette isn't waiting for the federal government to deal with the aftermath of Katrina.
By R. Reese Fuller

Caring in the Country
Funding for food and shelter in small towns hinges on community efforts and volunteer fundraising.
By Mary Tutwiler

On the Bridge
Waiting in the shadow of the Superdome.
By Burk Foster

Now Hiring
Acadiana companies bring evacuees back into the workforce.
By Leslie Turk

Proof of Life
Leaving Louisiana with a light suitcase and heavy heart.
By Shala Carlson

News Briefs
Katrina's impact on seafood and Murphy Oil comes to Lafayette.
By The Independent Staff

Snake Oil
By Greg Peters

Keeping the Beat
The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic and numerous additional efforts help displaced musicians start rocking in Lafayette.
By Lili LeGardeur