In with a bang

by Amanda Bedgood

Bullets hit the bulls eye in spring's accessories

There's been alotta talk about guns and the like these days. And while bullets are certainly nothing new on the jewelry scene at large (see rappers who've been rocking them for years), they are finding their way into everyday non-gangsta rapper gals with designs that are sometimes funky and sometimes nearly delicate. Does art imitate life in this case? All that talk of violence and what we shall do about it given rise to a new trend in accessories? We're not sure about all that. But, I am sure many of the pieces I've spotted are right on target (sorry, can't pass up a good pun) no matter who you think needs a background check

The first bullet that caught this IND Styler's eye was over at Shoe La La where my admiration of a necklace toting a tiny gem at the end of a gold cylinder gave me pause. The bullet necklace eventually found its way onto one of our models for April's fashion shoot and I've been admiring it every since. Something that marries edgy and delicate is no easy feat (and, bonus, it's made by Shoe La La's ever stylish manager so it's super local). They also carry earrings made from bullets.

For a bolder look in the bullet department we found a large one on a chain at Vanessa V. The wicked skull face of the bullet and the larger size of the necklace equal a statement piece without doubt. Pair it with some delicate silver necklaces for a funky look to wear with this spring's rocker chic looks.