Summer Cool

by Amanda Bedgood

Spring's best pieces are a prelude for a summer of lightly retro, fully fun style

There's something about summertime dressing that's always a bit more fun. While summer breaks are a thing of the past for most of us, there is a kind of relaxation that permeates the season and infuses summer style. And likewise, there's always been something about summertime that beckons the past. Is it because I can scarcely say summer without humming a little "Summer Lovin'" from Grease? Perhaps.

While spring has just arrived in earnest, we're already fast forwarding past the waffling temps to days of melting snow cones (or snow balls if you're so inclined to call them) and muggy nights. The first such item that caught this IND Styler's eye were the Steve McQueen inspired shades over at LA Specs. The foldable Personl glasses are just the sort of thing the man who defined cool wore in Thomas Crown Affair. And they are just the sort of shades that are just as appropriate for a McQueen as they are for his leading lady.

Over at 7 Chics shorts with a higher waist in bold blue and a softer peach beg for a crisp white top and ballet flats - there's just something about it all that screams for the movie Shag (a summer movie treat if ever there was one) and a proper ponytail. At Brother's they're prepping for the season with new brightly-hued Robert Graham. This fella in pink in particular is just what we're hoping to see on the gents come summer. A man unafraid to wear pink? That's my kind of leadingĀ  man, indeed.