In Transition

by Amanda Bedgood

Where bangs go in the in between

Every few seasons I have this moment where I'm confident I should get bangs. So tempted by the forehead fringe, I have succumb a few times only to regret it later. After Michelle Obama and Rachel Zoe did the bang thing, I got the itch again, which that Alexa Chung only made stronger - and yet, I resisted knowing come summer I would tire of them then begin the long journey of growing them out.

It seems even the First Lady is over her trend-spurring fringe after a recent interview where she hinted that perhaps a bangless Michelle is in the future - evident in recent photos where she's started to sweep the bangs to the side. Looks like Alexa is on the bandwagon as well after a recent UK Marie Claire showed her with bangs far longer than the norm for the style icon and model. So, where does that leave the regular folk ready to make the great transition from bangs to not? We called on hair expert and stylist Dennie Haydel of be. Salon for some easy tips on dealing with bangs as they grow.

"Cute hair accessories to pin them back," Dennie says firstly.

She suggests braiding bangs into the rest of the hair and adding headbands where needed. Good news if you took the bang plunge and you're ready to take them back. - just a little time and little patience (and a few well done braids) and you're well on your way. And even better news - bangs are still super cute and trend worthy if you decide they're worth the hassle.