The Sweet Gypsy

by Amanda Bedgood

Gypset Honey jewelry designer slated to appear at Hemline

I love an eclectic bit of jewelry (something you've noticed no doubt) and really love work that has its own sort of story. And so, as I perused the latest offerings from Gypset Honey, I found a trove of options for summer's easy boho wares and a backstory that has me looking forward to the designer's meet and great this week.

Gypset Honey, carried at Hemline in River Ranch, offers a soulful blend of pieces (most notably you may recall the bullet pieces) from the hands of designer and founder Deidre Anne Froelich of Texas. The woman who was inspired by her late grandmother (thus Honey in the moniker) notes that Gypset Honey pays homage to her because she lived her life "as an individual grounded by family but with a passion for travel, adventure and knowledge.

In her lifetime she traveled to over 80 countries bringing home with her an appreciation for the variety found in the world and for the wonderful home and family she loved."

Sounds like our kind of gal. While Honey passed away following a battle with esophageal cancer, her name lives on in the business of her granddaughter. And if her latest designs are any indication, it's a business that will continue to thrive.

In addition to those clever bullet pieces that marry the tough with the nearly ethereal in whisper light stones, this IND Styler spotted some beautiful choices that will work for everyday wear.

The top pick for this gal? The key necklace. I can't pass up a good key and certainly not one with a vintage vibe that convinces the adventurer within that it must match the lock of a beautiful ancient chest.

There's a great magnifying glass that boasts a sweet bird that reminds me a bit of the Hunger Games in the best way possible and there are some inlaid horn pendants that would pair perfectly with the season's cutoffs and distressed t-shirts.

Head out to Hemline Thursday for a meet and greet with the designer as well as a French Connection Trunk Show.