Coming Soon: IND Style Awards

by Amanda Bedgood

Mark your calendars for Lafayette's style event of the year

September may feel moons away, but we know how those calendars fill fast and wanted to ensure you IND Stylers had September 19 reserved for the return of IND's one-of-a-kind celebration of all things style.

With Lafayette's finest purveyors of style filling the runway with fall's latest and greatest to IND's own style icons handpicked from the city's best, it's the kind of night we were all talking about for weeks later. And this year promises to be no different.

But, it's not just those calendars we expect you to mark - put on your most fashionable thinking caps and keep your eyes peeled for the next crop of IND Style Award winners. Nominations are just around the corner and we'll be looking again for that eclectic mix of thoughtful dressing we honored last year. From the quirky choices of Andres Broussard and the ever dapper Jim Gibson to the eclectic style of gals like Crystall Coroy and the Mad Men-loving Mallory Acrey - we put the spotlight on the spectrum of independent dressers.

If you thought the inaugural year was something to behold, get ready for year number two - we're just getting started.