La Carreta will hold its own downtown

by Elizabeth Rose

The Louisiana-based chain is opening on Jefferson Street this week and it's poised to be a new downtown hot spot. With its reputation preceding it, La Carreta, the chain out of Hammond, is opening on Jefferson Street and there are plenty of reasons to visit.

First, because it's downtown, the drinks are important, and the margaritas are strong but still flavorful. Frozen ritas are available in traditional, strawberry or mango, or opt for a traditional (or top shelf or suprema) on the rocks.

Photo by Elizabeth Rose

An assortment of tacos at La Carreta's soft opening last week

Let's be frank. If you like cilantro, you will love La Carreta. Every sauce at the opening last week was chock full of the green, and you know what they say about cilantro - either you love it or you hate it. This writer tends to be an anomaly in that situation because it's neither a turnoff nor a must-have for my taste buds. However, it did limit the variety of what you could have. The red and green salsa and the avocado sauce were great, but the flavors were a little repetitive among the three.

With that said, when the restaurant opens up this week you should definitely get something with pork in it, like the tacos al pastor. La Carreta doesn't take shortcuts on slow-cooking and shredding the pork with onions, and it's apparent. Tender and so full of rich flavor, it's definitely worth trying at least once. The shredded beef isn't shabby, either, with an unexpectedly bright lime taste to it. Speaking of bright, go for the ceviche - it's mahi-mahi marinated with lime served with avocado, and it's a much lighter way to start a Mexican meal than queso or nachos.

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