Fly that freak flag

by Amanda Bedgood

Fearless festival style

So if ever there's a time to wear that something that makes your Jackie-O loving pal go "hhhmmmm " it is now. It's Festival. While Festival International is all about the music, we're all about the style and there are few places in Lafayette where the two meet so splendidly as this.

While FIL has long been about comfort and that free boho vibe, the reality is that FIL has also become a veritable photo shoot for the generation addicted to Integra (guilty as charged) and so all that worry about comfort while perusing handmade earrings and jamming to eclectic beats must pair with the need for style. Style that's fearless and as fantastically diverse at the acts on stage.

Let's start with the extras. In South Louisiana there's scarcely an event outdoors where a hat isn't a must. The guys over at Genterie Supply have a round up of four we're loving for either gender. The trucker cap is perfect for the funky gal (or guy) with a shrunken T and easy denim. I'd love a straw fedora with an easy dress like the one we spotted over at Vanessa V. in a neutral flax.

This shirt tail hem (my most favorite hem of them all) and buttoned down tunic can go dress or top depending on your height and is the perfect backdrop for loads of beaded necklaces and a pair of metallic gladiators.

Speaking of accessories, Brother's has a bevy of rings that will take any outfit to a funkier place. Plain white T, torn up cutoffs and a couple of rings and you're good to go.

There are few things I love more than a maxi dress and I spotted two that scream for their day in the sun. Over at Hemline a super gauzy dress can go over a swimsuit or a snug little tank dress and flat sandals while a tie-dye black and white dress at Herringstone has this season's must have cut out detail on the most flattering of spots just below the rib cage. Either dress would be perfection with layered necklaces (think turquoise and funky bullet necklaces and patina metal).

At Maven Womenswear a gauzy little white number caught my eye that they describe with a Stevie Nicks vibe (you had me at Stevie). Pair with a cool cuff and some dangling earrings of copper and you're ready for a funky day of Festival that we all know won't end when the sun goes down.

So, wear a brightly printed bustier (they've got em a Maven Womenswear), put a ring of flowers in your hair (they've got em at Herringstone) and dress for the festival-loving, boho you are. No apologies.