Out of the fire

by Amanda Bedgood

Handcrafted pieces shine

I headed to Festival last week in hopes of perusing the booths of African masks and handmade jewelry, where I've often found the best selection of eclectic earrings and cool bracelets. But, alas the lot was empty and I learned the market would arrive the next day. So, we made our way to the vibrant music by Brass Bed and along the way I did spot a most fantastic spot of jewelry (all was not lost!) over at Creations by Fire.

The fused glass pieces in particular have the essence of the fire that shaped them under the hands of artist Danielle Moss. With a sort of ethereal brilliance they are just the kind of pieces to wear to FIL every year, and to keep for years to come for everyday wear. Between the great prices and truly diverse selection, I'm still contemplating which pieces should find a home in this IND Styler's home.

A sweet white piece was at the top of my list - just the pop for an all black ensemble or paired with something uber springy like watermelon or mint. Danielle's favorite is a beauty as well - a soft turquoise I'd love to see paired with a few layered necklaces of the boho variety.

And then there are the new watch gears she recently rolled out. With a vintage vibe that borders on industrial they're the sort of statement that can actually be worn every day or layered with a few vintage lockets for a look that's retro and totally now.