Smells like team spirit

by Amanda Bedgood

Mignon Faget designer does collegiate chic

Mignon Faget always has found a way to make the most everyday things unexpected. To do them in a way that is fresh and new and to find inspiration in the most unusual of places. She creates pieces that are what women want without being girly. She has that in common with the company's newest designer - John Humphries.

The designer son of the famed New Orleans jewelry maven made an in-store appearance in Parc Lafayette recently and we stopped by to chat and see just what speaks to this designer. Turns out the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"This ball and chain is something that's everywhere," John says as I try on a bracelet of bold design that's light as a feather.

"Hollow," he explains.

The pieces in his latest collection are a collage of vibrant beads he spends great time sourcing to ensure the exact color. And while there were many that caught this IND Styler's eye, I knew that the gals that love their home teams would much appreciate a nod to his new nod to Louisiana's beloved teams.

"We have the Cajun bracelet," the folks at the store present a red and black beaded bangle that even an LSU fan could wear without a raised eyebrow.

There are three bracelets - UL, LSU and Tulane - for wherever your loyalties may be. And they're stylish enough to wear long before or after the last touchdown. Score for John Humphries.