Opposites Attractive

by Amanda Bedgood

A mother and daughter with diverging style bring it together.

A mother and daughter with diverging style bring it together.

Photos by Robin May; Hair by Laci Hebert Fava, be. Salon; Makeup by Sabrina Blalock, be. Salon.

Keisha and Allie Bergeron aren't trying to impress anybody. They like fashion and love each other. They are a mother and daughter with often dramatically different taste who love to shop together no matter how much they disagree. And they each have a style all their own with that beautiful dynamic that only mothers and daughters can know.

When asked if her mother tells her what to wear, Allie responds with a laugh: "No. And if she did I wouldn't listen."

The 18-year-old Lafayette High School senior always has been a flower child when it comes to her sartorial leanings. With an affection for Free People and Urban Outfitters, Allie is the kind of gal who looks at home in high-waisted shorts and little moccasin boots. On the day we caught up with her, she added a funky printed bustier and headband with a feather.

In contrast, Keisha is at home in something a bit more refined.

"I've always loved Jackie-O's style," she says.

It's an apt description for a woman who likes simple design but clearly has a flair for that extra something that takes her look from just classic to her very own. Today it's a simple black dress with khaki details and jewelry that match down to the last stone; she pairs with sexy mile high polka dot heels. It's that little wink in her footwear that takes her look to a more personalized place.

While Allie and Keisha have diverse opinions in the area of style, they do share accessories. And Keisha (usually) likes Allie's fashion choices. And if she doesn't, she's never been the kind of mom to dictate what her daughters wear (she has a 13-year-old as well).

"I pick my battles," Keisha says with a knowing smile.

And it's clear while Keisha may not always agree, she can certainly appreciate the artful dressing decisions of Allie: "I couldn't wait to see what she was bringing today."