Mothers and pearls

by Amanda Bedgood

Mignon's pieces perfect for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is kind of a big one in the thoughtful gift department. While gifts for many holidays can lean on the practical or the temporary, I've always felt the Mother's Day token of affection best suited for timeless items that reflect all those blood, sweat and tears from your sweet momma.

Pieces from the hands of Mignon Faget generally fit that bill - the sort of jewelry that can be passed from mother to daughter and remain a part of your collection for years and years. And just in time for Mother's Day the thoughtful designer has revamped her beloved Full of Grace collection featuring pearls.

The newest Full of Grace designs are indigo pearls (perhaps the perfect sort of pearl for an edgy momma) and an oxidized sterling silver setting with a classic cream pearl (right for the mom that's a little bit sweet and a little bit rock and roll perhaps, perfect for layering). Peach, cream, mauve or silver pearls are also part of the collection - just what a demure mother full of grace would love to wear.